More Than Makeup

You don’t need makeup to look or feel good – but even science shows it helps (and it really can be fun). There is so much pressure from both inside and outside forces to look a certain way. Guess what? Thanks to rampant retouching, even off-duty models don’t look like their photographs. Makeup is meant to polish, give confidence, and accentuate the positive. Everything else is just noise.

About Electra Lane
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Baffled & Betrayed…

…by empty makeup industry promises? You’re not alone. At Electra Lane, we keep things simple. Makeup artists need a wide range of products and tools to accommodate a wide range of clients; you do not. At Electra Lane, we work together to create the best makeup wardrobe for you – one that doesn’t have to cost hundreds of dollars. At Electra Lane, you learn to be your own makeup artist.

Our Services

Everyone Has An Opinion

Yours is the only one that matters; but if you are interested, this is my opinion on things related to makeup and skincare. Based on several years of experience and research, this is my take on what is and is not worth your time and money. Think of it as a translator for the language of makeup.

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Our Work

We are tailored to you. From determining your everyday routine, to something with a little more “umph” for date night, to creating a timeless look for your wedding day, we will visit different options then bring your vision to life.